Ken Connor

CP Contributor

Taming the Tiger

Undoubtedly, in the coming months Tiger will be looking for a way to restore his reputation and, perhaps, save his shattered marriage.

The Bondage of Debt

The United States cannot continue on this path of fiscal gluttony indefinitely. With every dollar we borrow, we sacrifice more and more of our freedom.

Principle vs. Pragmatism

As the political seas continue to churn over issues such as abortion, healthcare, cap-and-trade, bailouts, the war, and Climategate, the ideological divisions between the two major parties appear to run deeper than ever before.

Global Warming in the Hot Seat

As world leaders prepare to gather in Copenhagen to discuss a global strategy for combating climate change—a strategy likely to involve a substantial growth of government power at the expense of individual and economic liberty—a shock wave of controversy threatens to shatter what many have come to view as settled science.

Pull Up A Chair

Believe it or not—against all reason or logic—Senator Coburn believes that Congress should read legislation BEFORE they vote it into law. The nerve!

Free to Choose

Affordability, accessibility, quality ― the hallowed trifecta at the center of the debate over health care reform.

Planned Parenthood: Your Tax Dollars at Work

In spite of evidence indicating that responsible parenting plays a formative role in influencing children's sexual choices, Planned Parenthood has worked to supplant parents as the definitive authority on kids and sex.

The Time for Transparency Is Now

For years, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have trampled on the principle of transparency by ramming legislation through the Congress without giving the American people time to read it.

Is This America's Better History?

Ask any politician in the free world, and they will tell you that intense public scrutiny and uncomfortable clashes with detractors are all in a day's work for an elected official.

Seniors Left Behind?

One of the most controversial issues of the current health care reform debate is the concept of health care rationing

Frankenstein's Folly

Those who would defend human dignity in the face of science's relentless march towards "discovery" are once again under attack.

Science: Theists Need Not Apply

Religious bigotry is alive and well in the scientific community, as evidenced by its response to President Obama's decision to appoint Dr. Francis Collins as the head of the National Institutes of Health.