Lane Palmer

Christian Post Guest Columnist

The Valor of St. Valentine

The name Valentine comes from the same root word for "valor." See if you agree that he lived up to the meaning of his name reading about the valor of St. Valentine.

You Don't Know Christmas

Did you know that over 1.9 BILLION Christmas cards are sent each year? But I am concerned about the blatant and misleading perception that the covers of Nativity Christmas cards have created.

Would Jesus Have Tebowed?

In other words, does Christ approve or disapprove of this phenom that has captured the attention of the nation? Well, Jesus was certainly not unclear about how we live out our faith

What If You Die Young?

If I die young, I want my last song to mirror the parting words of the Apostle Paul – the Christ follower who lived out the very definition of seizing his day

Where Was God on 9/11?

Where was God and what was He doing on that day? Any “‘answer” to this question that comes from a finite and limited human being would be in the category of flawed opinion.

It's Back to School, So Spill Your Guts!

Your school is bursting at the seams with people who are ready to hear the gospel and respond in faith to this incredible message. The problem is that there are few who are willing to risk their reputation for THE Cause

The Tree of Life…The Source of Life

It’s basically an experiential film that opens your heart up to everything from family issues (got some?) to The Big Bang that started this whole shebang in the first place. Summarizing The Tree of Life would be like trying to nail Jello to a wall

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides Is All Washed Up

With a title like Stranger Tides, one would expect a treasure full of fun and excitement. Unfortunately the average moviegoer is going to be man overbored after sailing with this one for over 136 minutes. One thing they did get right, though, is our world’s fascination with The Fountain of Youth

Is Everything Going Down on May 21?

It would be nice if Harold Camping was written off as yet another Bible math junkie with way too much time on his hands, but unfortunately the May 21, 2011 Rapture Day billboards and pamphlets have way too many people camping out on Harold’s prediction.

Disasters – God in Control?

God…where are you in all these catastrophes? Couldn’t you have simply spoken a word to still the tornadoes and quench the fires? Is God in control or not?

You Are a Human Target

Watching "Human Target" is basically the TV equivalent of sucking down a Red Bull while riding a roller coaster during a hurricane.

Are You a Soul Saver?

How does someone who has undergone such trauma find the strength not only to move on, but allow herself to be used by God in amazing ways?

God Has No Adjustment Bureau

You are not just a physical machine that plays no significant role in the universe. You've been given complete free will, and life is filled with opportunities to exercise our free will choices.

Release Your Inner Bieber!

Isn't it fascinating how one ordinary person with off the charts determination can blow the lid off the world's expectation and have a global impact?

Super Bowl XLV and The Kingdom of Light

One thing that I've noticed over me years of being a part of the Big Game celebration is that there are some interesting parallels between the types of people who attend the party and the types of Christians in the world.

True Christians Have True Grit

This story reminds me of a whole group of people who lived quite a while back who definitely demonstrated true grit as well. What else can I say? There isn't enough time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson