Luiza Oleszczuk

Christian Post Reporter

American 'War on Christmas' vs. War on Christians Abroad

While Americans on both sides of the debate are fired up about the "War on Christmas," which has been increasingly dominating public discourse, reports from countries where Christians are a minority tell of a literal war where followers of Christ face increasing violence and greater restrictions on openly practicing their faith.

Muslim Mob Burns Down Church Targeted by Police in Ethiopia

A recently erected church was burned in southern Ethiopia on Nov. 29 by a group of over 500 Muslim students allegedly supported by local police, four days after local Muslim authorities ordered demolition of the building, human rights watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC) reported Thursday.

Bishop Eddie Long to Join List of Other High-Profile Megachurch Divorces?

The news about Bishop Eddie Long’s wife, Vanessa E. Long, filing for a divorce recently has resonated with evangelical Christians across the nation. As divorce in politics is being discussed in the context of presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, many Christians have their eyes turned to the church, remembering that it does not always offer the best example itself.

Woman Gets $154M in Divorce Case After She Refused to Abort Baby

Florence Tsang, the ex-wife of Hong Kong billionaire Samathur Li, will receive HK$1.2 billion ($154 million U.S. dollars) in a divorce settlement, it emerged Friday. During the Thursday hearing it was also revealed that Li had tried convincing his wife of eight years to have an abortion once she found out that she was pregnant three years ago.