Luiza Oleszczuk

Christian Post Reporter

Herman Cain Sex Scandal: Adultery Charge 'Worse' Than Sexual Harassment Claims?

Allegations of an extramarital affair with 45-year-old Ginger White, a resident of Atlanta, Ga., now threaten GOP candidate Herman Cain's presidential campaign. While vehemently denying the allegations, Cain, an ordained Baptist minister, announced this week that he is "reassessing" his campaign. In the face of the possibility that he is indeed an adulterer, Cain's ethical conduct is being questioned by the Christian community.

Worst Black Friday Casualties: Is Walmart the Most Dangerous Place to Shop? (VIDEO)

Black Friday has passed with all shoppers and employees having survived it happily this year. But that is not standard in the United States. The incident of an apparently desperate shopper pepper spraying her competition in a California Walmart is not the worst possible scenario. As the saying has it, count your blessings, while taking a look at the history of casualties that occurred during Black Fridays of the past, with many of the incidents taking place at Walmart locations.

Lex Luger Testifies of Overcoming Drug Addiction and Returning to God

Lex Luger, whose real name is Lawrence Wendell Pfohl, was interviewed recently by the editor of the Christian Index, the newspaper of the Georgia Baptist Convention. The interview, which was published by the Baptist Press Wednesday, tells the story of the former WWE and WCW superstar's struggle with the law and drug and alcohol addictions, before finally finding sense in God.

Thanksgiving: a Time for Shopping or Sharing the Gospel?

Thanksgiving is many things to modern Americans, as The Christian Post emphasized in a report about the holiday's origins, which are deeply enrooted in American culture and history. However, Thanksgiving has now been blended with the omnipresent aspects of modern life, such as consumerism.