Meagan Johnson

Christian Post Contributor

President Obama Reschedules Jobs Speech

President Barack Obama decided on Wednesday to move his scheduled economic speech before a joint session of Congress from Sept. 7 to Sept. 8, as requested by House Speaker John Boehner. The anticipated speech will cover Obama’s job growth agenda and plans to cut the federal deficit.

Facebook Pays $40,000 to Hackers

Three weeks after launching its bug bounty program, Facebook has paid $40,000 to security experts to try and find flaws in its system. Roughly fifty “whitehat” hackers were able to spot problems in the company’s website and have been recognized on Facebook’s security site.

7 Cent Robbery Gets Teen 2 to 6 Years in Prison

A Syracuse teen will be locked up for two years after robbing a 73-year-old man for 7 cents. Anthony Stewart faces up to six years in a New York juvenile detention center. He was fifteen when the robbery was committed and was tried as an adult.

Matthew Fox Punches Female Bus Driver

Actor Matthew Fox is accused of punching a female bus driver in her chest and stomach early Sunday morning in Cleveland. Heather Bormann, 29, drives a charter bus and was attacked by the former Lost actor when she refused to let him abroad her bus rented for a bachelor party.

Matthew Fox Detained by Police for Punching a Woman

Former Lost star Matthew Fox was detained over the weekend after allegedly punching a woman in the chest and stomach. On Saturday night, Fox was placed in police custody in Cleveland after he attempted to hitch a ride to his hotel on a private party bus. The driver, Heather Bormann, refused to let the television star aboard the bus, saying it was rented out and that Fox was trespassing.

Apple Blocks Sales of Samsung Tablets in EU

Apple Inc. scored a major victory on Tuesday when a German court granted the company a preliminary injunction that blocks Samsung Electronics from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the entire European Union, excluding the Netherlands.

Attorney Denies Casey Anthony Staying at His $5.2M Mansion

A former attorney for Casey Anthony is denying that the Tot Mom is staying in his multimillion-dollar California estate. Todd Macaluso told reporters Tuesday that Anthony is not living in his Rancho Santa Fe mansion after rumors surfaced that she was seen living in the five-bedroom, five-bathroom $5.2 million mansion.

Credit Cards: Visa Says Goodbye to Mag-Stripe, Hello to Chip

On Tuesday, Visa said it is making an effort to urge U.S. merchants to install technology at cash registers that accepts cards embedded with a computer chip. The company wants Americans to start using credit and debit cards that have E.M.V. (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chips, which are widely available overseas.

Latest D.B Cooper Skyjacker Suspect: No DNA Match Says FBI

The FBI was unable to match DNA found on the necktie of hijacker D.B. Cooper to a new suspect in the case. On Monday, Special Agent Fred Gutt said the test does not rule out the deceased culprit because investigators are not sure whether DNA on the necktie is actually that of the hijacker.

Domino's Brings Back the Noid, for One Week

On Monday, Domino’s Pizza announced the comeback of their former mascot the Noid in a Facebook game called The NOID’s Super Pizza Shootout. Some of you might not remember the infamous character - the Noid is a red-suited, rabbit-eared villain who appeared in Domino’s commercials during the late 1980s

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Memorial Service, U.S. Honors Victims

For the first time, the United States has sent a representative to the annual memorial service for the victims of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. Sixty-six years ago today, the United States dropped a nuclear bomb over the city, and within 43 seconds, the bomb exploded, instantly killing more than 60,000 people.