Michael Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Did Gay Men Liberate the Benham Brothers?

Are you a heterosexual man who enjoys dressing stylishly, who likes staying in shape and sometimes wearing tight T-shirts while working out, who has no problem showing brotherly affection to other men? If we are to believe what a leading gay journalist says, it's all because you have been liberated by gay men.

Atheist Tells Christians to Keep Faith In the 'Closet'

Writing in response to my article "Secularism Declares Open War On Religious Faith," an atheist has assured his readers that there is no such war and that, more importantly, in order to avoid conflict with the larger society, I should simply keep my religion in the closet.

Gordon College Says Compassion, Yes; Compromise, No

In response to my October 3rd article, "Gordon College, Don't Sell Your Soul for Secular Accreditation," a representative of the school reached out to me with some very positive news, assuring me that the school had no intention of changing its policy on homosexual practice.

A Shameful Day for the Charlotte Observer, Marriage and Families

In what sounded more like a gay activist screed in a high-school publication than a serious editorial in a major newspaper, the Charlotte Observer has officially declared war on people of faith and conservative moral values, mocking those who believe there is the slightest rational reason to resist the radical redefinition of marriage.

Gordon College: Don't Sell Your Soul for Secular Accreditation

For years now, educators have known that a confrontation was looming between secular accreditation agencies and Christian schools over the issue of homosexuality. What would these colleges and universities and seminaries do when they were told they had to revise their policies on homosexual practice?

What About Ex-Gays?

While speaking in Singapore at a seminar sponsored by Focus on the Family, I was asked the question: What about ex-ex-gays? Does their existence prove that it is really impossible for people to change their sexual orientation?

No One is Born Gay; No One

If there were reputable scientific evidence that some people were born homosexual, I would have no problem accepting this. After all, my theology tells me that as human beings, we are all created in God's image and yet we are a fallen race, and so all of us carry aspects of that fallen nature to the core of our being, and that could theoretically include homosexuality.

Overcoming the Porn Plague

For years we have heard about the widespread use of pornography in the American church, especially among men, but the results of a recent poll are absolutely devastating: only three percent of Christian men say they never view porn and only 25 percent say they view it less than "a few times a year."

Why Hamas Remains a Terrorist Organization

In recent interviews recorded for the English-speaking world, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has sought to present a less radical side of Hamas, one that is unworthy of the "terrorist" moniker. The reality is that Hamas remains a terrorist organization, as the most recent interview clearly reveals.

Lessons From Ferguson, Missouri: Black, White Leaders Still Don't Get It

Like many Americans, I have carefully followed the news from Ferguson, MO involving the tragic shooting of an 18-year-old African American, with the notable exception that he carries my name. And so, every day, I'm reading about the shooting of Michael Brown and the death of Michael Brown and the autopsy of Michael Brown, all of which reminds me of the very real loss of life involved.