Michael J. New

CP Guest Contributor

Newsweek: Nice Cover But Misleading Story on Abortion

Late last month Newsweek ran a cover story on "America's Abortion Wars." Newsweek deserves some credit for highlighting the issue and for their great choice of a cover photo. Indeed, the graphic color photo of an unborn child in utero was eye-catching and made a compelling case for the humanity of the unborn.

Dana Milbank's Illogical Case Against Pro-Lifers

On Friday, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank published a piece entitled "Antiabortion Advocates Have a Logic Problem," becoming the latest in an exceptionally long line of commentators to criticize the pro-life movement for placing too much emphasis on anti-abortion legislation, and for not being more contraceptive-friendly.

An Optimistic Pro-Life Panel at CPAC

Organizers of last year's Conservative Political Action Conference faced criticism due to the fact that last year's conference placed little emphasis on social issues. In fact, last year's conference failed to include any panels that specifically dealt with abortion.