Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Tea Party Helps Ted Cruz 'Cruise' to Victory in Texas Senate Primary

Tea party activists can add another notch to their belt now that they've given Republican Ted Cruz a victory over the party's establishment candidate in the Texas race for U.S. Senate. The 13-point victory over Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst signals a new day for the movement – not only in Texas but also in other red states.

China Claims Report on Int'l Religious Freedom Is 'Arrogant, Ignorant'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued the State Department's annual report on international religious freedom on Monday, concluding that the "world is sliding backwards" in key regions of the globe. She also singled out many of the Asian countries including China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia as some of the world's most intolerant countries when it comes to the expression and freedom of religion.

Chick-fil-A Flap Flips to Frat Food Fight

The latest Chic-fil-A controversy is beginning to take on the nature of a frat house food fight, according to some commentators on both sides of the issue, and calls for restraint have begun. Here's what's gone on in just the past few days:

Michele Bachmann's Eroding Support Could Make Re-election More Challenging

Twelve months ago, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) was riding high. She was days away from winning the Iowa Straw Poll as a Republican candidate for president and she had cameras from most major television networks covering her every move. Now, the press attention she is receiving is causing not only the GOP establishment in Washington to abandon her, but possibly some in her district as well.

Tea Party Falsely Blamed for Colorado Shooting; ABC Apologizes

ABC News reporter Brian Ross made statements on the network's "Good Morning America" show on Friday linking the shooter at a Colorado theater to the tea party movement. Those statements proved to be false and ABC has issued a retraction and apology after leaders of the political movement demanded such action be taken.

Michele Bachmann Told to 'Ask Forgiveness' Over Huma Abedin Accusations

Ed Rollins, the GOP strategist and former campaign manager for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn., is calling on his former client to apologize on the floor of the House of Representatives and "ask forgiveness" over accusations she made concerning one of Sec. Hillary Clinton's most closest and trusted aides and her possible association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Gay Activists Enraged Once Again Over Chick-fil-A's Marriage Stance

Dan Cathy, the president of the fast-food giant Chick-fil-A and the son of its founder, Truett Cathy, confirmed the company's commitment to traditional family values in an interview with Baptist Press. While the Atlanta-based chain's position is nothing new, homosexual activists are up in arms and calling for yet another all-out boycott of the chain's 1,608 restaurants.

Obama Campaign Relentless Over Romney's Bain Employment, Tax Returns

President Obama's recent issues with a dismal jobs report and a stagnant economy that has failed to improve the balance sheet of the average household seems to be taking a back seat to the recent attacks on Mitt Romney's reluctance to release additional years of income tax returns and the exact date when he left Bain Capital.

Tea Party Express Wants Rubio to Ride Into VP Slot

Mitt Romney's campaign advisers may still be busy vetting their short list of vice presidential candidates, but on Wednesday leaders of the Tea Party Express announced they would like to see Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as Romney's running mate on the GOP ticket.

Black, Youth Vote Turnout May Signal Trouble for Obama

There are indications that voter turnout from youth and black voters, especially black voters in historically Democrat-dominated Philadelphia, could be problematic for the Obama reelection campaign. Political experts are asserting that Obama's strategy, which depends on voter turnout from core supporting constituencies just as George Bush did in 2004, may be weaker than expected.