Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

Judge Agrees to Combine Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuits in Illinois

An Illinois judge on Thursday agreed to combine two separate lawsuits brought to challenge the state ban on gay marriage. The two suits brought by the ACLU of Illinois and the gay rights group Lambda Legal, challenge Cook County Clerk David Orr and others for not extending marriage licenses to same-sex partners.

'Fast and Furious' Scandal Spotlights President's Executive Privilege

Attorney General Eric Holder's squabble with Congress over Fast and Furious documents had mostly been confined to the circle of political insiders and reporters. But many more started to wonder what the White House was trying to keep under wraps after President Obama exercised his executive privilege Wednesday on behalf of his attorney general.

Conflicting Reports on a Possible Romney, Rubio GOP Ticket

Is he or is he not under consideration to be the running mate of presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney? That is the question being asked after conflicting information recently surfaced regarding Florida Sen. Marco Rubio – viewed by many as the darling of Tea Party conservatives – and the likelihood that he is being seriously considered as the GOP vice presidential nominee.

Legal Scholar Says Obama's Executive Orders Are Misuse of Power

It is no surprise that opponents of President Obama are criticizing his use of the executive order to dictate what a federal agency will or will not do. But his growing list of executive orders - which includes his decision not to defend DOMA and allowing some states to bypass the educational policy No Child Left Behind – is also raising the eyebrows of legal scholars.

Gay Marriage Issue to Go Before Wash. State Voters

The Washington Secretary of State's office announced on Tuesday that Referendum 74, an initiative to ban same-sex marriage in the state, will go before voters in November. The measure seeks to overturn a state law passed earlier this year by the legislature and signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire legalizing gay marriage.

Obama Support Among Black Voters in NC Drops Dramatically

The Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling group's recent poll of North Carolina voters shows that President Obama has lost his lead for the first time in nine months to the presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney. But what is most notable is that black voters are moving away from Obama at an alarming rate.

Wisconsin Exit Poll Favoring Obama May Have Flaws

A Wisconsin exit poll cited by Democrats nationwide as reason why President Obama is still in the safe zone in November may have serious flaws, according to polling experts. Sean Trende, a well-known polling analyst, asserts that in order for the seven point Obama lead to be true, more Republicans needed to have expressed preference for the president than Democrats for GOP candidate Mitt Romney and the president should have taken independents by a 60-40 margin.

'She Votes 2012' Seeks to Engage Conservative Women

Concerned Women for American President and CEO Penny Nance is set to unveil a million-dollar campaign on Tuesday called "She Votes 2012," designed to encourage conservative women to vote in the November general election with the primary objective of targeting key states where women can have an immediate impact.