Paul Stanley

Christian Post Reporter

La. Pastor Defends 'Christian Nation' Comments During Santorum Visit

The Rev. Dennis Terry of Greenwell Springs Baptist Church never thought his Sunday evening sermon about America being a Christian nation would ignite a media firestorm. But then again, it's not every day a presidential candidate is speaking at your church. In a phone interview with The Christian Post, Terry defended his remarks, saying they don't reflect the intent of his sermon.

Who Benefits From a Brokered GOP Convention? Everyone But Romney

Former Pennsylvania Senator and GOP hopeful Rick Santorum on Monday said the chance of the Republican nomination being decided at the party's convention in Tampa is "increasing." But besides Santorum, who else would benefit from a brokered convention? One thing is for sure – it would not be Mitt Romney.

Gingrich Cites 176,000 Reasons to Stay in GOP Race

After losing the Mississippi and Alabama primaries earlier this week, Republicans close to the Santorum organization are calling on former Speaker Newt Gingrich to step aside so conservatives can rally behind one candidate. But Gingrich is countering, saying there are a few hundred thousand reasons why he should stay in the race.

ObamaCare Set to Offer $1 Abortions in Final Rules

If you thought a dollar doesn't buy much anymore than you may not have heard the latest news from Washington. The health care law will reportedly require a $1 dollar surcharge for members of insurance policies that include elective abortion coverage.

Can a Mormon From the Northeast Connect With Dixie's Protestants?

Few stories about life in the Deep South are without some reference to the region's conservative politics or Protestant religions. And now Mitt Romney finds himself smack-dab in the middle of back-slapping, good ole' boy politics that have defined these two southern states for decades. The question is, can a Mormon from the northeast connect with Protestants from Dixieland?

Conservative Author David Barton Says Obama Is Most Biblically Hostile US President

David Barton, an influential conservative activist promoting America's Judeo-Christian heritage, has joined a long list of critics of President Obama's contraceptive mandate and its impact on religious liberties. But Barton has taken his criticism one step further in a recent blog post by claiming that the Obama administration is the most Biblically hostile in U.S. history.

Bill Maher Advises Liberals to Accept Rush Limbaugh's Apology

Bill Maher is well known for his staunch liberal views and has in the past made his own derogatory statements about females, including former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Now Maher is calling on everyone, especially liberals, to accept Rush Limbaugh's apology for using the words "slut" and "prostitute" in reference to a Georgetown college student.