Rick Warren

CP Guest Contributor

What's Holding Your Congregation Back?

You have people sitting in your church every week who have been nursing wounds for years. They can't let go. They'll never reach their God-given potential and purpose for life until they let go of the past. Rick Warren By Rick Warren The Bible compares life to a marathon race –...

You Need a Mentor

Everyone has a reservoir of knowledge, skills, and experience they can share. A wise person will learn to draw them out.

Easter: God's Antidote to Fear

Those entering your church this Easter have seen their 401Ks take a nosedive over the past year. Many are out of work. In order to help people overcome fear, lead them to make three decisions this Easter

What Will Heal America?

It's widely understood that America is in its worst condition in our generation. Last year was the greatest year of job loss in America in 69 years.

Ministering to Someone Who is Dying

More than likely, you'll have the opportunity to minister to someone who is dying this year. The question is, how do you deal with it? I'm ready to die. More than likely, you are too.

Meeting People's Four Deepest Needs

Jesus told us that he came so that we would have "life to the fullest" (John 10:10). If that was Jesus' goal while he was on earth, don't you think that should be a goal of the church?