Ron Hart

Op-Ed Contributor

A Lost Generation of Entrepreneurs

Recently released statistics say that the percentage of adults younger than 30 who own a private business is the lowest in a generation. Today only 3.6% own a stake in a private company, compared to 6.1% in 2010. Even more troubling, this number was 10.6% in 1989.

Capitalism Will Free Cuba

In one of his few good decisions, President Obama announced his plan to normalize relations with Cuba. It is a smart gesture of reconciliation that, coupled with free trade, will make a friend of an enemy 90 miles to our south.

The Take Away From Ferguson

The grand jury decision in the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting case of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson was not even close. Twelve people, black and white, came to the right conclusion.

Many Things to be Thankful For; I Think

It's Thanksgiving again, when folks go home to bear the brunt of their parents' judgment. This year perhaps all you single folks out there will hear the delightful query from your moms, "Why are you still single, and Charles Manson isn't?"

What Will the GOP Do Now?

Harry Reid's (D-NV) control over the Senate will soon end, and corrupt, pork barrel spending will be his legacy. He has left more earmarks during his brutal reign than Mike Tyson.

Ebola, We Hardly Know Ya

As with any "crisis," Obama and his 24/7 political machine do not "let a good crisis go to waste" without using it to create another government department so they can act like they know what they are doing.

The Supreme Court Rightfully Demurs on Gay Marriage

Our Supreme Court punted on hearing the gay marriage cases recently brought before it. By not hearing the cases, the court allowed same-sex marriages to be legal. 19 states already allow gay marriage; this non-decision brings the number to 30.

Iraq: The Closest Obama's Been to Being Right; Until Now

Obama has focused his considerable community organizing skills on domestic issues like wealth redistribution and fanning racial fires. With the one-sided way he handled the Ferguson, Missouri flare-up, he turned our Midwest into his own Middle East.

Cheerleaders Sometimes Clip NFL Players in Drama, Lawsuits

Amid the run-up to the mid-term election, football began in earnest last week. The NFL is a nice respite for all who hate politics and political ads and yet still enjoy the primal pleasure of watching millionaires ripping each other to shreds. And now, some NFL teams are untangling themselves from lawsuits alleging poor working conditions and inadequate pay brought by former team cheerleaders.

Atlanta Teacher Cheating Trial Begins

"Swift" justice begins in the 2009 Atlanta Public School cheating scandal as the trial of the accused educators started this week. They allegedly changed their students' test answers to make themselves look better and to get bonuses.