Ron Luce

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Legalized Pot Is a Buzzkill for Teens

Washington and Colorado have recently legalized marijuana use for adults over age 21. Some might see this as a progressive step forward, but in truth, it's a major buzzkill for teenagers.

God's Hobby

God's Hobby is our complete and total restoration. He is in the business of putting us back together to function in our original purpose.

Windows to Your Teen's Heart

"My kid just won't talk! Every time I ask him a question, he just gives me the same answer: 'I dunno'!" Does conversation with your teenager sound like that?

Is There a Terrorist in Your Home?

A man knocks on your door. As soon as you answer, you recognize him from the posters around town. He's a known thief and sexual predator of young girls who has just escaped from prison.

Today’s Shapers of Culture

Did you know that it has been said that approximately 98% of our population are the followers of culture and only 2% are the shapers of culture.