Scott Aniol

How Singing Forms Us

Most Christians recognize that singing in worship help us to express the affections of our hearts in response to God's character and works, which brings him great glory he deserves, and that this kind of expression in public is a great witness to the unbelieving world. But there is a second reason that we sing that I believe is often forgotten, overlooked, or ignored

The Gospel Is the Answer to All Injustice

We live in a world of injustice. Murder, theft, racism, abuse, and oppression are all around us, and Evangelical Christians are currently involved in an internal discussion about the best way we should address such injustice in the world, based on our common Christian beliefs.

Beyond Contemporary vs. Traditional

The need for "emotional vitality" in worship did not start with the rise of contemporary worship; it started much earlier, first with Romanticism, and then with the theological underpinnings of Revivalism.

Differences and Universals in Music Across Cultures

A pastor or a missionary should not expect a church in one culture to use the musical forms of another culture; such great differences exist between the cultures that to use another culture's music would be like speaking a foreign language. What I want to highlight in this essay is that there really aren't as many differences between different cultures' musical expressions as contemporary missiologists might imply.

How Does Music Mean?

Most people acknowledge that music, at its most basic level, expresses emotional content. However, articulating what that emotional content is can often be a challenge.

Let the Little Children Come

From the earliest of ages we inundate our children with Bible verses, we make sure that they faithfully attend church, and we seek to instill in them Bible truths that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. I wonder, however, whether Christian parents are really training their children fully.

Worship Regulated by Scripture

Pastors and parishioners perennially battle over who has authority in matters of church practice, particularly in corporate worship. Should what happens in the corporate gatherings of God's people fall under the control of church leadership, or should these decisions be left to congregational input and direction?

Why Christians Must Gather as the Church to Worship

It is becoming increasingly popular today to assume that since the essence of worship is the language of the gospel, then it follows that worship is all of life, and there is nothing distinct or significant about corporate gatherings of worship.

How the Bible Defines Worship

Many of the "worship wars" today are fueled by, I believe, differing views of the nature of worship itself. I believe that a fundamental step toward resolving these debates is to seek to understand how the Bible itself defines worship.

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

Is something beautiful because it brings pleasure, or do things bring pleasure because they are beautiful? The biblical answer to this question is that absolute standards of beauty exist that produce pleasure.

Salvation Is Not Cheap, It Costs God His Son to Forgive Us

The psalmist knows that God's people are often tempted to take God's grace for granted; we are often tempted to see God's grace as cheap and fail to recognize what it cost for God to forgive his people. We often grow comfortable in our sin because we think that since we are God's people, and he has made unconditional promises to us, then we no longer need to repent; we no longer need to confess our sin. We no longer need to fear God.

Scripture: A Moral Decision for Everything?

Some Christians believe that the Bible is an exhaustive list of prescriptions and prohibitions that reveal how God wants His children to live. If the Bible doesn't address something explicitly, then God doesn't care about that particular issue.