Subodh S. Lal

Christian Post Contributor

Depression Claims Many Pastors, Ministry Leaders

Pastors, the spiritual shepherds of the faithful, are not supposed to burn out. Ministry leaders, the CEOs in charge of efficient organizations, are not allowed to feel low. Christians, especially Christian leaders, must never be depressed.

South Sudan Crosses a Milestone; Tough Road Ahead

Messages of solidarity and felicitations from religious freedom organizations have poured in for the newly created nation of South Sudan that broke away – partly on religious lines – from its northern counterpart Saturday, even as the nation takes stock of its challenges.

Church of England to Review Policy on Gay Bishops

In the light of the debate within the Church of England about same-sex relationships as well as government laws related to discrimination in various contexts, the House of Bishops has decided to review the church’s policy on civil relationships and consider whether gay priests can be allowed to become bishops.

Pastors Outline How Christians Should Disagree

Respectful personal relationships, stating the opponent’s position fairly and a responsible use of the internet are some of the ways for Christians to deal with disagreements within their ranks, three Christian scholars said in a video-recorded dialogue released Tuesday.