Tyler O'Neil

CP Reporter

'War on Women' Is a Sham, Liberal Columnist Says

In a debate about "Mad Women" and "the Battle of the Sexes," liberal columnist and Christian convert Kirsten Powers said that there is no "War on Women" as the Democratic Party has presented it. While the other liberal panelist disagreed, the conservatives argued that there is an under-reported "war on men."

Egyptian Christians Enjoy Short Respite From Radical Muslims, but Fear More Retaliation Soon

Since Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was overthrown on July 3, his radical supporters have ruled the southern Egyptian city of Dalga, carrying out various attacks of vengeance against the city's 20,000 Christians, whom they blame for Morsi's overthrow. The military government took control of the city earlier this week, prosecuting the Islamists, but Christians fear the peace will be short-lived.

Ex-Mormon Shares Testimony: 'Jesus Was All I Needed'

While on his 2-year Mormon mission in Orlando, Florida, Micah Wilder found Jesus and accepted the Gospel, which led him to leave the Church of Latter-day Saints. Now the drummer for non-profit Christian ministry band Adam's Road, Wilder shares his testimony with the Christian Post.

Egyptian Christian, Who Is Son of Coptic Leader, to Lead Muslim Brotherhood Party in Egypt?

Rafiq Habib, a Christian researcher and son of the founder of a Christian social missions group, has reportedly become the acting chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Egypt, according to World Bulletin. Egyptian experts confirmed to The Christian Post about Rafiq's astounding support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but those who know him personally rejected the report that he is leading the Islamic political organization as true.

Millennials Suffering Their Own Style of Mid-Life Crisis? 6 Biblical Lessons to Provide Comfort

Young adults in their late teens and twenties face challenges familiar to adults, but new to them: idealistic and ready to change the world, they find themselves stuck in an unfulfilling job, long-term singleness, or a general set of circumstances where they cannot achieve their full potential. The Bible has answers for the existential angst they may feel in their "quarter-life crisis."

5 Bible Verses to Comfort Struggling Singles

In churches that emphasize the importance of marriage and a culture constantly highlighting the joys of sex, single Christians struggle with questions of self-worth and unfulfilled desire. However, the Bible has answers to comfort them.