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CP World Report: Greece Debt, Iranian Christian Pastor, Beauty Queen Gives Health Advice, Rick Perry

Greece Debt increases EU economic instability; Christian mother dies in Nigeria over hostilities; officials try to convert Iranian Christian pastor; State Department needs to advance religious freedoms abroad; Beauty queen gives kids health advice; University of Manitoba apologizes for having educated clergy that took advantage of Native Americans; Perry regrets participating in debate; Asthma attacks; PBS documentary on Steve Jobs

CP World Report: Pat Roberson, Electoral College, Syria, Bobby Brown

Pat Roberson thinks GOP is too extreme; 62 percent of americans want to do away with electoral college; wounded protestors tormented in hospitals;decline in religious participation is linked to higher life expectancy; Pope Benedict renounce violence in name of God; solar storm pushes northern lights from canada into U.S.; Bobby Brown reunites with old group, promises to work on spirituality