A Dramatic Look at the Heavens That Will Leave You in Awe of God's Glory (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: dakotalapse/YouTube)

From April to November 2013, photographer Randy Halverson spent nights with his camera in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah shooting the sky for the timelapse work he's known for. The weather often kept him from getting clear shots of the Milky Way and Northern Lights, but that meant more storm timelapse than he anticipated. As you'll see, the billowing clouds and flashes of lightning make for some cool footage.

In the end, Halverson's months of shooting and month and a half of editing produced this stunning timelapse, titled "Huelux." It's a jaw-dropping slideshow of the heavens, featuring meteors, satellites, strobing storms, a flaring aurora borealis and the Milky Way looming endlessly beyond. (Click the gear icon and choose 2160p-4K resolution for maximum effect, though you'll need a fast internet connection.)