Joseph Backholm

Op-ed Contributor


  • Why are young progressives so unhappy?

    This is a real crisis, and several factors are relevant.

  • The Left isn’t afraid of Christian nationalism. Here's what they fear.

    Recently, California decided they will not only pay for the abortions of people who live in other states, they’ll cover travel expenses as well. They won’t pay for cancer treatments, chiropractor appointments, chronic dental problems, mammograms, adoption expenses, or the expenses associated with raising a child. Just your abortions. 

  • Should Christians always be winsome?

    Yes, kindness and gentleness are fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23), and they should define how we live. But this does not mean we can only do and say things that immediately make people happy. The words we use with the broken and outcast may well be different from those we use with the liar, the wicked, or the abuser in the midst of their abuse.

  • When liberal 'truths' come home to roost, we get Lia Thomas

    Unless Thomas’ teammates and everyone else who enabled the status quo reevaluates what we’ve been doing for the last decade, they will long for the day when their greatest concern was men on their swim team.

  • Is diversity a biblical goal?

    No doubt, the emphasis on diversity is well-meaning, but it comes with real risks. If we pursue diversity with more passion than we pursue love, we are very likely going to miss both.

  • The sleeper SCOTUS case that could radically change education

    This case is significant for Christians because, should the court find that it is unconstitutional to exclude schools that provide religious instruction from school choice programs, every Christian school in the 21 states with school choice programs would become options for families.

  • What to believe about issues Jesus didn’t discuss

    When considering what Jesus said and thinks, our attitude makes all the difference. Any time we find ourselves saying, “Jesus didn’t say you can’t…” is a good time to take inventory of our motives and make sure that we are really wanting what God wants and not merely trying to justify doing what we want.

  • Is the Equality Act Biden’s dragonnade?

    Unity has been an early theme of President Biden’s term. However, one of his early legislative priorities is the Equality Act, one of the most divisive pieces of legislation ever seriously debated.   

  • Christian voting myth No. 4: I’m not in the majority where I live, so why bother?

    The President of the United States was chosen by only 25 percent of eligible voters and less than 20 percent of the population. That doesn’t represent a majority of Americans, that represents a majority of Americans who voted.

  • Christian voting myth No. 3: 'I don’t like either candidate, so what’s the point?'

    But voting is not like social media. It’s more like filling a job vacancy. The job has to be filled and the Constitution has dictated the timeline.