Kristi Burton Brown

CP Op-Ed Contributor


  • Why Republicans and conservative Christians should stick with Trump

    Despite the initial distrust of conservatives like myself, President Trump has proved himself more true to Christian ideals than a good number of Republican presidents before him.

  • Sorry, Working Moms Actually Don't 'Do It All'

    The viral video of Professor Robert Kelly and his family has produced quite the range of opinions from armchair commentators. Some have been hilarious, others rather wise, and plenty uncalled for. Yet there's one common refrain being recycled should be put to bed once and for all.

  • Christians Must Get Involved in Politics, Stop Standing on the Sidelines

    When Ryan Anderson took the stage at the Western Conservative Summit Saturday morning, he said he was going to be the "bearer of bad news." And yet, Anderson's speech was easily one of the most encouraging and hopeful at the summit, as he provided a way forward for conservatives who care about the defining issues of our day.

  • Donald Trump Fudges Facts to Attempt to Convince Conservative Summit He Is a Winner

    This was not the only fact Trump fudged in his rallying speech. He also expounded on his "amazing record" for getting votes in the GOP primary, claiming, "it wasn't even close" compared to the number of votes previous Republican presidential candidates had received.

  • Sarah Palin Likes Risk Takers, Except Those Opposing Trump

    Of course, Palin is in full support of conservatives who take risks and object to the status quo … except when it comes to the risk-takers who are opposing the presumptive nomination of Donald Trump.

  • What Perry Noble Gets Wrong About Donald Trump

    Who is Donald Trump? As some Christian leaders praise him, it's becoming evident they don't really understand the man they speak of.

  • Trump Is Wrong About 'Stolen Votes' in Colorado; Here's What Really Happened

    Last Saturday, I was elected as the youngest woman national delegate from Colorado. Since Colorado's voting results were released, Donald Trump and his supporters have released a firestorm of criticism, threats, and rage. I've been called too many names to count, and have been accused of accepting bribes, being bought by the establishment, and being a traitor to our nation.

  • Why I Support Ted Cruz for President

    After South Carolina's vote on Saturday, Ted Cruz has the second most delegates of all the GOP nominees. A recent national poll has shown him ahead of frontrunner Donald Trump, and with only three states down, 47 to go, Cruz has a real chance at the nomination — particularly if Christians and conservatives recognize the kind of leader America needs.

  • 3 Ways Donald Trump Doesn't Act Pro-Life

    On January 23, it seemed Donald J. Trump realized he had made a mistake. He had failed to make a single statement on social media about the anniversary of Roe v. Wade or the March for Life the day before.

  • Why Donald Trump Cannot Be President

    There. I've said it. Donald Trump cannot be president. Evangelicals, conservatives, and Republicans cannot let this happen.