Matt Bell


  • Giving generously while in debt

    One other notable part of their story is that they gave away 10 percent of their income throughout their journey of getting out of debt.

  • The single most powerful personal finance tool

    Suppose you had access to a tool that would give you a strong sense of control over your finances and help keep your financial stress low.

  • The wisdom and the foolishness of saving money

    When it comes to guidance about saving money, the Bible uses the word “fool” to describe two extremes — not saving anything and saving too much.

  • The freedom of living in financial truth

    I was constantly amazed at the disconnect between how people looked like they were doing financially and how they were actually doing. Very often, they were driving nice cars and wearing nice clothes. Most were deeply in debt.

  • Fight Fair in Love and Spending

    Every healthy relationship involves conflict. In fact, psychologist John Gottman, who has spent decades studying what makes marriages last, believes that "fighting . . . can be one of the healthiest things a couple can do for their relationship.