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Stewardship Guide

  • Christians must be aware of what their investments are funding

    Does she realize the voluntary contribution she makes to her 401(k) plan is being invested in companies that promote many of the evil practices she fights so hard against?

  • Foundational pillars of Christian stewardship

    The Bible has a lot to say about money. With more than 2,350 verses devoted to it, it's one of the most heavily discussed topics in Scripture.

  • 4 options for budgeting online

    Budgeting is cool. Well, at least cooler than it used to be, now that people can manage their personal finances via websites and mobile apps.

  • A game of recovery

    None of us can look back at a lifetime of spending, investing, and giving decisions and be totally pleased with our own performance. Being a good steward, however, is a game of recovery.

  • Financial principles worth knowing

    We must learn to set financial priorities that are honoring toward God and point toward the attainment of God-given goals.

  • Should my wife and I have joint bank accounts?

    I am engaged to be married late this summer. We have friends with joint accounts and some with separate ones. We want to start off right. What do you recommend?

  • How God funds His work

    Spiritual leaders are often the most afraid and paralyzed in ministry because of their fear of "financial provision."