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  • Postcard from the church dedicated to George Washington

    Conceived by the Rev. Herbert Burk, an Episcopalian, Washington Memorial Chapel was built between 1903 and 1917 for the quasquicentennial of Washington’s winter in Valley Forge.

  • Postcard from Marble, Colorado

    The only church in Marble serves as a visible reminder of the town’s past. With a population of just 133 souls at the last census, Marble is small even when compared to other mountain towns across Colorado.

  • Travel: Postcard from Erie

    One of the best-kept secrets anywhere in the Great Lakes region is in Pennsylvania.

  • In Canada’s New Brunswick, a British New England

    New Brunswick looks and feels like New England had the British won the American Revolution or the war never happened in the first place.

  • Postcard from Wichita

    After visiting Wichita it is easy to see why this is one of the most underrated cities in the country.

  • In New York’s Finger Lakes, an overlooked old church

    Most of the visitors to New York’s Finger Lakes come for world-class lakes and spectacular wines. Many undoubtedly overlook a historic church tucked away among farmhouses, vineyards and cottages on Bluff Point.

  • Travel: 3 places to go this summer

    By getting creative and going a little farther this summer you can avoid the crowds that plague more popular places.

  • In northern Kentucky, a Christian tourist mecca

    I discovered much of the Judeo-Christian story from creation to salvation during a visit to Covington, a city in northern Kentucky directly across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. 

  • Postcard from Durango, Colorado

    Surrounded by the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains at some 6,522 feet in elevation is Durango.

  • Travel: Postcard from St. George

    Name notwithstanding, the fast-growing Utah city of St. George wasn’t named for the saint depicted in religious art as slaying a dragon.

  • At these colleges, the chapels stand out

    Three colleges have chapels that stand out as superb examples of church architecture. Perhaps what’s most remarkable is the fact that all are relatively new with the oldest dating to the 1960s.

  • Travel: Postcard from Houston

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the country’s fourth-largest city has plenty to offer visitors.

  • Travel: Postcard from Daytona Beach

    When most people say or think of Daytona Beach, they mean the beach itself and not the city of the same name.

  • Postcard from Meersburg

    Meersburg, Germany is one of those picture-perfect Old World towns. Everything here really owes its existence to the Reformation — particularly influential Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli — as the politics of the time drove the Roman Catholic prince-bishop of Constance, Hugo von Hohenlandenberg, from his see across the lake in 1526.

  • Postcard from Corpus Christi

    The Texas coastal city of Corpus Christi probably isn’t the first place you think of when planning a trip. I was one of them. I had booked Cinnamon Shore, a Mustang Island development of vacation homes and condos inspired by the classic architecture of Key West and the Bahamas.