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May 28, 2020: Christians react to George Floyd's death, UMC conference, Pixar's gay character

May 28, 2020: Christians react to George Floyd's death, UMC conference, Pixar's gay character

Thursday, May 28, 2020:

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— Christians express outrage over George Floyd’s death

Man influential Christians have expressed outrage over the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man who was pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer on Monday.

Video footage of the incident shows a police officer placing his knee on the neck of Floyd and Floyd begging for help as he says he can’t breathe. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Christian artist Matthew West said he was “sick to [his] stomach” and called the police officer’s action “evil.”

The FBI is investigating the case.

— UMC announces new date for conference aimed at settling homosexuality debate

The United Methodist Church has finalized a new date for its next general conference, now scheduled for Aug. 29, 2021, in Minneapolis.

The denomination had originally been set to meet in May but had to postpone due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The general conference, which takes place every four years, is expected to address the ongoing debate over the UMC’s homosexuality stance.

— Netflix promoting explicit content to minors, report finds

A report by the Parents Television Council shows that Netflix has been promoting programs that are explicit content, including harsh profanities, to minors.

Of 255 titles designated by Netflix to be suitable for teenagers, half were rated R or TV-MA.

— Disney’s Pixar introduces first gay lead character in children’s film

Disney’s Pixar introduced its first gay lead character in the new short film “Out.”

The film premiered on Disney+ over the weekend and follows a man named Greg who struggles to reveal he’s gay to his parents before moving in with his boyfriend.

— Chicago pastor says police tried to shut down worship service

Pastor Courtney Lewis of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Chicago said police tried to shut down a worship service held at his church on Sunday.

He said the police knocked on their doors during the service as they normally keep their doors locked as a safety precaution.

Currently, there’s a ban on religious services of more than 10 people during the pandemic. Lewis said 45 people attended Sunday’s service and they followed CDC guidelines.

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