127 Yard Sale 2013: The World's Longest Yard Sale Attracts 1000s to Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama

The world's longest yard sale is taking place this week. The 127 yard sale in Northwest Ohio takes place from Aug. 1 to 4, and is attracting visitors from miles around to claim some big bargains.

(Photo: 127sale.com Screen Shot)The 127sale.com official website boasts how this year's event will be 690 miles.

Organizers have said that this year is set to be even bigger than last year's hugely successful event.

The event is held all along route 127 that runs from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama.

If you start in Ohio then West Unity is the first town to start at heading south. Last year this location proved popular with many people to start off their journey along the 127 yard sale, and it should be a great place to start again this year.

Next is Pulaski, Ohio, which is believed to have several sales to choose from. It is a relatively small town but is definitely worth a visit if you are running the route.

Other Ohio areas worth a visit, among many others, include Bryan, Ohio, as well as Sherwood, Ohio. Sherwood was caught a little by surprise last year with the huge amount of traffic that came through their way. This year will be no different. There will be many vendors to choose from including Fairview High School, Sherwood's Little Reservation Station and downtown Sherwood.

Another two stops definitely worth mentioning are Paulding, Ohio and Van Wert, Ohio. Paulding was packed last year with shoppers who traveled from miles around to check out their sales, and Van Wert is also set to attract thousands of yard sale enthusiasts and flea market lovers.

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