3 Crazy Things a Bible Has Been Used For


On any given day, you can find Christians around the globe reading their Bible's for many reasons, such as for study, comfort, or discernment. As the most popular book on the planet, perhaps it is inevitable, though, that a Bible would be used for something else. Here are three times a Bible has been used for something a little unexpected.

1. To Beat a Man

This story gives new meaning to the phrase "Bible-thumper." In a voicemail message posted to YouTube that went viral in 2005, a man describes seeing a car accident. A guy runs a red light and hits four old ladies in an Impala. The old ladies get out of the car and begin beating the man with whatever weapons they have on them — umbrella, purse, and, yes, a Bible, which he describes as a "hard-backed NVI (sic) version."

Voicemail Accident

While many have suspected the audio recording was a fake, Snopes.com reports that Jack in the Box, the restaurant where the voicemail originated, has confirmed its existence, and one man, Michael Childs, has been interviewed claiming to be the voice on the call and that it really happened.

2. To Stop a Bullet

While serving in Iraq in 2007, Army Pfc. Brendan Schweigart was shot by a sniper. The bullet went through his arm and chest and lodged in his Bible. Schweigart credits the Bible with saving his life because, otherwise, the bullet likely would have ricocheted off his armor and re-entered his chest.

3. To Hide Drugs

In 2010, a Palos Heights, Ill., man was pulled over by a police officer for not wearing his seatbelt. After the officer smelled marijuana, the man grabbed his Bible to hide what was in his lap. The police officer asked the man to step out of his car. When he did so, the officer discovered the Bible-hidden-pot.