Abby Lee Miller Makes the Most of Her Last Days of Freedom

REUTERS/Elizabeth DaleyFeatured in the image is former "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller.

Although she has been sentenced to go to jail by this month's end, former "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller seems to be making the most of her final weeks of freedom.

Miller was recently spotted leaving Catch, one of the most popular restaurants in Los Angeles right now, and despite being weeks away from prison time, she seemed to be all smiles as she talked to TMZ.

When asked what she wanted to do before going to prison, she mentioned getting a pedicure, as well as her last meal. "If I say Red Lobster coming out of Catch, would that be bad?" she said cheerfully. "I think the biscuits. The cheddar biscuits."

For the uninitiated, cheddar biscuits are popular among Red Lobster fans. 

She added, "It's so freaking crazy to me. I feel really bad and I'm just really sorry for my mistakes and everything. I don't know, I'm just a nice Catholic girl."

A couple of days ago, the dance coach posted a photo on her Instagram page in which she is seen with a mystery man on the rooftop of the new Waldorf Astoria Hotel Resort in Beverly Hills.

Ealier in May, Miller was sentenced to one year and a day in federal prison after she was found guilty of bankcruptcy fraud. According to reports, the prosecutors found out during the case that the reality star did not reveal the $120,000 worth of Australian currency that she had brought into the U.S. On top of jail time, she is also required to pay a fine of $40,000.

Miller was also indicted with 20 counts of fraud in late 2015 when she hid $755,000 from her declared income.

Although spending time behind bars is now inevitable for the 50-year-old, it looks like she still wants to continue what she has started business-wise by the time she gets out. Last month, she also opened up to E! News about her prison sentence and what she plans to do after her jail time.

"Someone's already called me to be there to start saying shoot. We're ready with cameras. We're ready to go," she told correspondent Jason Kennedy.

"I think I'll be ready to go. If worse comes to worse, I'm a good teacher. I'm good at what I do. I have an eye for detail. I can take a beginner kid that has never danced in their lives and I can teach them something or I can take a really advanced dancer and I can make them into a professional."

Miller will check in to prison on June 30.