Alexis Wright Pleads Not Guilty to Using Fitness Studio as Brothel

Alexis Wright has pleaded not guilty to charges of using her fitness studio as a brothel in the state of Maine. Wright faces up to 106 counts of prostitution, tax evasion, violation of privacy.

According to Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettigan, police have confiscated over 100 hours of video and approximately 14,000 screen shots from the computers in Wright's office. The investigation has been going on for nearly a year after an anonymous source wrote that Wright's studio was not as it seemed.

Then later, Wright's landlord allegedly investigated and told police he had "found an online porn video of Wright that was recorded in the office," according to the Associated Press.

Police raided the fitness studio as well as Wright's personal office in February and confiscated records of sexual acts, client lists, video recordings and other files kept by Wright. Based on that evidence, police say, Wright may have made upwards of $150,000.

Wright's partner, Mark Strong Sr. also pleaded not guilty to the 59 counts of prostitution brought against him. His lawyer told the press the state of Maine was "in over its head. This case isn't ready for prosecution."

The next step will be for police to speak with Wright's clients to gather further evidence in the case. That could take quite a while, given the vast array of clients and the sheer amount of charges prosecutors have to sift through.