Amanda Bynes to Work With Wyclef Jean? Former Fugees Member Denies Collaboration Rumors

There has been talk in recent days Amanda Bynes would collaborate with Wyclef jean, but the former Fugees member insists he has no desire to work with the troubled former child star

Chinga Chang Records CEO Daniel Herman recently stated that the pair would work together on the troubled actress's first musical release.

Wyclef Jean's spokesperson added that he has not ever spoken to Bynes in the past while adding tha he has no intention of working with her, as reported by TMZ.

Herman recently said of Bynes's LP: "This album is going to shock the world. She has such a great voice. Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does."

Bynes has been in the headlines repeatedly with the most recent incident occurring in Atlantic City when she got into a tiff with a photographer.

Youtube prankster, Brett Cohen, saw Bynes walking around when he was out and noticed how frazzled she appeared.

"I was like, 'I wonder if that is Amanda Bynes because I have been seeing her in the media.' She had to stop because she had to show her room key to the security guard at the elevator bank. She seemed like she was in a rush," he said to EOnline.

Cohen's father decided to snap a picture of the star to which the star was none to pleased.

"As soon as he took the picture she kind of stopped and said 'Sir, I need you to delete that. You can't take pictures of me.' She kind of lunged at him to take his phone. She is trying to grab his phone from him and he starts walking away from her. She started following him and touching his shoulder trying to get his phone," Cohen said.

After trying to avoid Bynes, the father and son were ultimately separated with the actress by security.