Amy's Baking Company Kicks Reporter Out After Serving Drinks With Flies

Amy's Baking Company is again at the center of controversy after serving a reporter and her friends three drinks with flies in them. When the reporter complained to the restaurant's owner, Samy Bouzaglo, he promptly kicked them out.

"We went in with an open mind Friday night to try Amy's Baking Company for the first time, but our quartet was kicked out after pointing out bugs in not one, not two, but three versions of one simple vodka martini," Phoenix Business Journal reporter Hayley Ringle wrote.

She along with three friends decided to try the restaurant after reading all the press it was receiving after appearing on "Kitchen Nightmares" with Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant immediately came under fire for reportedly abusing employees, taking their tips, and being extremely rude to customers.

Owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo defended their actions and decided to close the restaurant for a few days to get things settled and then host a Grand Re-Opening, complete with a press conference. However, the press conference was canceled due to death threats, but the restaurant still drew quite the crowd.

When Ringle and her crew received their drinks, they noticed that not only was one of the drinks made wrong, it contained a fruit fly. They immediately told Samy, who promised to bring them a new one. However, another fruit fly was found in the second drink. The third drink contained three fruit flies, which set Samy over the edge.

"He immediately became defensive. He said there are no bugs in the drinks, and he would pay for all of our drinks and then said we needed to leave. I asked him if there were no bugs, did he think we planted them in the drinks? He again told us to leave," Ringle wrote.

"Someone please call the AZ health dept on them for this," posted Phoenix Business Journal reader Tally Briggs. "Seriously crazy for them to not immediately go back to the service bar and find the source of the flies … they can get shut down and fined for that."