Andrew Bynum Benched to Learn Lesson

This past Tuesday night, Andrew Bynum became the lastest Los Angeles Lakers player to be benched by coach Mike Brown. The All-Star forward sat out nearly the entire second half in the Lakers 104-101 win over the Golden State Warriors.

Why would Coach brown bench one of his star players? It seems Brown was unhappy with the offensive decisions Bynum was making- one decision in particular. ESPN reports that with over 10 minutes left in the third quarter, and the Lakers up by just six points, the All-Star forward launched a three from the top of the key and missed quite badly.

Bynum is not a three-point shooter. In fact, in his seven year career he has only made one three-pointer and he has only attempted a total of seven. After his attempt in the Golden State game, Brown immediately benched Bynum.

"That's something that I felt could have taken us out of rhythm, and so that's why I took him out of the game," Brown told ESPN. "I brought him back for a little bit and then I took him out again and I just felt it was best to go with the group that we had out there."

Did Bynum get the message that his three-point attempt was harmful to the team in the eyes of Coach Mike Brown? It appears the only message he got was that Brown was upset with him.

"I don't know what was bench-worthy about the shot, to be honest with you. I made one [in my career], and I wanted to make another one. I swear. That's it. I guess [Coach Brown] took offense to it, so he put me on the bench," the Laker forward told ESPN.

It appears that Bynum doesn't agree with Brown's decision, but will he respect the fact that the coach clearly does not want him to take threes? It appears not.

"I'm going to take another one and I'm going to take some more, so I just hope it's not the same result. Hopefully I make it," Andrew Bynum said.