Ann Curry Returns to 'Today' Show, Uncomfortable Reunion With Matt Lauer

Ann Curry was on the "Today" show for the second time since her emotional departure from the morning program in late June. She reunited with her former co-host Matt Lauer, but the pair seemed distant and uneasy- nothing like the chatty back-and-forth when they previously hosted together.

Ann Curry appeared on the "Today" show Thursday in her role as "anchor-at-large" to cover the London Olympics, and she dove right into her work, no niceties included.

"Nice to see you," Matt Lauer enthused to Curry when the show first started.

"Good morning, Matt," she said briskly, failing to return the sentiment and launching into her coverage of the Games, which included Olympics photographer Adam Pretty.

Curry's story was slated for the second hour of the show, where she delved into Pretty's five times covering the Summer Olympics as a photographer. The interaction between Curry and Lauer, though, was less enlightening.

"You're pretty good with the camera. Did you pick up anything?" Lauer asked Curry in London's Olympic Park.

"No," she replied flatly. Afterwards, she elaborated, saying she "learned some lessons from him."

Some speculate that the reason for Curry's detached manner is because of the way she was replaced on the "Today" show by Savannah Guthrie. Although the network told her she would still be appearing on the show with a "new fancy title," she has scarcely been seen- her only other time reporting was from Aurora, Colo. after James Holmes killed and wounded many in "The Dark Knight Rises" shootings.

"Good to see you," Lauer told Curry at the end of the segment. Once again, the sentiment was unreturned.

Curry was abruptly fired from the "Today" show after their ratings slipped significantly and they lost the top spot to "Good Morning America." On air, she told fans how she felt.

"I am so grateful to all of you," said the host. "You are the real 'Today' show family. I have loved you, and I have wanted to give you the world. And I still do."

"To those of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I am sorry that I could not carry the ball across the finish line- but, man, did I try," she added.