Anorexic Twins' House Fire Claims Two Lives, Predicted by Twins in 2004

Twins famous for their battle with anorexia have been found dead after a house fire tore through their home in Geelong, Australia. Rachel and Clare Wallmeyer were only 42 and had famously struggled with anorexia nearly all their lives.

"We live to die," Rachel told the Nine Network program in 2004. "I think the biggest lesson that we could teach people is anorexia is an insidious disease, a mental disease that has physical implications that kill, and those that suffer it, unless they have something to fight for, die."

The twins' public struggle brought them newfound fame after their appearance on TV in 2004. During that appearance, they revealed that they survived on nothing more than a slice of watermelon or a can of Diet Coke every day. Their goal was to weigh only 55 pounds.

The fire that killed the twins has not been labeled suspicious, but officials are still investigating to determine what exactly caused the fire. Both were found on the floor of their living room, and in a way the women predicted their deaths.

"Clare's the only person that remains by my side, and at least we'll die together," Rachel explained.

"Being with Rachel… makes it somewhat easier to die," Clare responded.

Not only did the twins battle anorexia, they also had charges brought against them for drug use and theft. Rachel was charged with attempted murder after allegedly strangling her sister back in 2010. Police noted that both women were intoxicated, and the charge against Rachel was withdrawn.

"I just cannot imagine losing them," the women's mother, Moya, said in 2004. "I think it would be horrific losing one daughter, but losing two? I can't bear to think of it."

"Mum's really struggling. We loved them," their brother Mark told the Daily Telegraph after the fire. "It was always going to happen, but you're never happy when family dies."