Apollo Nida Asks for God's Forgiveness, Relying on God's Grace

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @PhaedraParksPhaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida has asked for God to forgive him and is relying on the grace of God to help him get through an upcoming prison sentence for the sake of his sons.

Nida has received an eight-year prison sentence for allegedly creating fake businesses, false bank accounts and using stolen checks while defrauding automotive lenders. The 35-year-old fitness guru became famous after appearing on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" as attorney Phaedra Parks' husband.

The fitness guru appeared on BE100 Radio's STFU show recently where he was candid about his troubled marriage and God's grace. After he was questioned about the likelihood of his marriage surviving jail, Nida admitted he was not happy with his wife for skipping his sentencing earlier this month.

"I doubt it...My wife didn't even (expletive) show up for my sentencing," Nida said on the radio show. "I'm still salty about that. You know, whatever."

Still, he was hopeful that he would have a relationship with his sons when he was released from prison.

"It doesn't make you less of a man to cry, to shed tears. I'm really upset about how I was raised and I could possibly take my sons through the same thing," Nida said on the radio show. "But by the grace of God he's still young and we have many years ahead of us. I just can't make those same mistakes."

Despite the position he is in, the reality television personality did not shy away from admitting that he has asked God for forgiveness and has forgiven himself.

"This is hell, hell on wheels I've asked God to forgive me, I've forgiven myself I had to move on like a lot of people I know who didn't," Nida said on BE 100.

After his sentencing, People magazine spoke to Nida's lawyer, Thomas D. Bever, who insists his client is not feeling good about his crimes.

"On behalf of my client Apollo, right now he feels remorse. He thought the judge was fair, and accepts his sentence, although he was hoping it would be less," Bever said. "Apollo is elated that this proceeding is past him and is no longer handing over his head."