Apple Event September 2012: iPhone 5 Release Date Touted for Sept. 21

As the Apple event prepares to take place September 12, 2012 millions of iPhone fans await eagerly the unveiling of the iPhone 5 and its official release date announcement, with unconfirmed rumors currently pointing to Sept. 21 as the likely date the next generation iPhone will become available.

Last year when the iPhone 4S was launched instead of the iPhone 5 many fans were slightly disappointed that a larger upgrade was not released. However, with Steve Jobs passing away just prior to the device's release, millions felt compelled to get their hands on the latest device from the iconic tech. figure. Sales skyrocketed making the iPhone 4S the best selling smartphone of all time in its release.

However, the iPhone 5 lingered in the minds of many Apple smartphone fans and one wonders, now that the fully upgraded latest generation iPhone device is about to be unveiled, whether this new device will smash its predecessor's sales record.

With Apple recently sending out official invitations to its event on September 12, not many have been left with any doubts about the iPhone being unveiled at the event. The simple invitation shows the date - the 12th - with a large shadow cast down from it showing the number 5. A clear reference to the iPhone 5 unveiling.

Millions will be waiting to see what new features the new smartphone will boast, and equally as many will be interested in the new design. Rumors have been rife over recent months that the iPhone 5 will feature a bigger screen, and it is a fair assumption that those rumors will remain true come tomorrow's unveiling.

Most will be eager to hear when the iPhone 5 will be available for purchase. It has already been widely touted that the release date will be Sept. 21 - nine days following the Apple event. Many have also predicted that the sales record will be shattered at that time and that the device is sure to sell out.

Apple fans have boasted that the iPhone 5 was the very last product that Steve Jobs was intrinsically involved in, and that the look and features of the device largely has his hands on them. The smartphone is likely to be thinner, faster and more powerful than any other rivals on the market.

The device is the most anticipated smartphone in history, and has been the constant target of rumors for two years now. However, as the Apple event invitation simply states, "It's almost here."