Apple iPad 2018 Rumors: More Affordable Variant of the Tablet Could Arrive Next Year

Cheaper iPad variant could be priced at around $259
AppleDifferent variants of Apple's iPad could be released next year

Apple may be planning to shake things up a bit in the tablet marketplace, and the way they may be looking to do so is through introducing a more affordable version of the iPad.

According to a recent report from Digitimes, Apple is "considering a new inexpensive 9.7-inch" version of the tablet that could hit store shelves next year. To be more specific, it was noted that the new tablet could be made available sometime within the second quarter of 2018.

As seen in the report, Apple's goal with this new tablet is to grow the customer base for this particular brand. The company is reportedly looking to target more individuals in the industrial and service sectors to be more specific.

The new, cheaper tablet is also expected to allow Apple to better compete with other companies that have previously released their own more affordable devices.

The report also noted that this more budget-friendly version of the iPad could be priced at around $259. Unfortunately, more specific details regarding its other components and features were not provided at this time.

Apple seeking to gain new customers with their tablet lineup is certainly understandable, and the release of a more inexpensive offering can certainly help in that regard.

However, for those who may still be looking for more premium offerings, the good news is that Apple may also be in the process of releasing some more of those as well.

As seen in an earlier report from Bloomberg, Apple is also currently working on a "high-end iPad" that could come with some of the features included in the iPhone X.

This other, potentially pricier tablet may come in a different size, though it may still be released sometime within the early part of next year.

More news about the new Apple iPads should be made available in the near future.