Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Attend Couples Therapy Amid Reconciliation

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are desperately trying to salvage their marriage and have reportedly started participating in couples therapy.

Although Shriver filed for divorce in July after 25 years of marriage, following the news that Schwarzenegger fathered a love child with, Mildred Patricia Baena, the family's long-term nanny, she is now reconsidering due to her Catholic values, according to the New York Post.

"Maria is a devout Catholic and doesn't believe in divorce, but is still struggling with the profound heartbreak and humiliation she endured by him. Arnold is desperate to save the marriage; he and Maria are having counseling to work through their issues to get back together," a friend told the Post.

The 56-year-old mother of four had previously hired renowned Hollywood attorney Laura Wasser before serving the former California governor with divorce papers which cited "irreconcilable differences," and she also requested custody of the couple's two young children, 17-year-old Patrick and 13-year-old Christopher.

Shriver is now working toward forgiving her estranged husband for keeping the long-term affair a secret for 14 years, particularly because Schwarzenegger has been doing everything in his power to win her back.

"He is promising the moon and telling Maria he has completely changed his ways. All of Maria's friends are warning her to be careful, saying he'll never change. Arnold is going all out to win her back, mostly because he feels bad and he can't live without her, and partly because he has no political clout without her," the friend said.

The pair were spotted enjoying lunch together at the Ivy restaurant in Santa Monica on Wednesday, which left onlookers assuming that they may have already reconciled, according to Mail Online.

They also visited a furniture store together, and at one point the 64-year-old romantically placed one of his official Governor's jackets around his shivering wife.

"Winning her back would be the best way to show the world he has been forgiven for his transgressions," the source said.