Ayla Reynolds Missing; Mom Reveals New Evidence, Calls for Prosecution of Girl's Father

Ayla Reynolds has been missing for two years and now her mother is speaking out and revealing new information the police gave her in January. Trista Reynolds is scheduled to make all the information known on her website in two weeks but gave one news agency a preview of what is to come, which includes the fact that there was blood found in Ayla's father's home.

Justin DiPietro, Ayla's father, was never formally named a suspect in the little girl's disappearance, but police investigated his alibi and home since he was the last to see Ayla alive. The toddler disappeared while in his custody, wearing only pajamas, and has not been seen since.

Now, according to Trista, police told her that Ayla's blood was found in Justin's home. There was blood in his bedroom, on his shoes, and in his truck. Blood mixed with saliva was also found at the scene. The amount of blood found suggests that Ayla is deceased and possibly suffered before dying.

"With what was shown to me, I don't see how any little child can survive that," Trista said. "All I can picture when I close my eyes is the blood that I saw. No mom should have to ever experience what I did that day, ever."

"When you have a truck that has blood in it, when you have things of Ayla's, when you have a whole basement with all different things with blood, you tell me you don't have enough to prosecute?" Trista asked WCSH. "I don't want to hear it anymore and I don't believe it."

Trista and Justin had a rocky relationship and were fighting for sole custody of Ayla when she disappeared. Trista immediately accused Justin of taking the little girl's life in an attempt to keep her from her daughter.

Police have not confirmed or denied Trista's latest allegations; they refuse to speak about the criminal investigation. Justin is currently in Cumberland County Jail for violating the conditions of his release on an unrelated charge of domestic violence.