Bachelorette Winner Single: Jef Holm Still Rebounding From Emily Maynard?

"Bachelorette" winner Jef Holm and his girlfriend, Katianna Bear, have made an amicable split.

Holm began dating Bear after his split from Emily Maynard in November whom he became involved with during his reign on the "Bachelorette." Holm was spotted with Bear just six weeks after his engagement to Maynard had ended.

"She fits his mold: young, blonde and pretty," a source told Wet Paint after the pair was rumored to be dating. After nearly three months, however, it appears that the relationship did not work out.

Holm was recently spotted at the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah where he was seen having a good time with multiple other women. Holm told Wet Pain that his split with Bear had been amicable and that the relationship had simply "run its course."

Maynard also made a quick rebound after her relationship with Holm ended. Just a few weeks after the split she began dating NASCAR driver Jason White.

"They were all over each other," a witness told Us Weekly of Maynard and White, after the split. "Jason guided her through the crowd and held her hand as they walked downstairs."

Some suggested that Holm only began dating Bear because she looked so much like Maynard and he was still heart broken.

"Katianna was only a rebound to keep his mind off of Emily. I knew it would"t last. Rebounds never do. Jef was too busy working on reuniting with Emily. This girl was a Emily look alike," Margery Karbeling wrote on a Yahoo blog. "Jef is still in love with Emily and will always will be in love with Emily. I believe Jef when he says that he is single and isn't dating."

But at the Sundance and at an after party, an onlooker told Us that Holm was "enjoying all the attention."