Barkley Tight Shirt Photo Goes Viral: Charles Barkley Fan Pic Hits Internet (Video)

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Charles Barkley sports a tight shirt in this fan photo. The picture has now gone viral on the Internet.

Charles Barkley wore a tight shirt as he took a photo with a fan recently, and that picture has now gone viral as fans of the 50 year old Hall of Famer joke about his choice of attire.

The photo was emailed this morning to the website Deadspin, according to reports, with a related caption reading, "Charles Barkley Swapping Shirts with a Bro" in the subject line.

However, it is believed that the caption was a joke as the shirt being worn by the guy hugging him looks like it would be even tighter on the star.

Barkley has had a very public fight with his weight over recent years since leaving the NBA, and in the past he has even filmed commercials for Weight Watchers.

Speaking to ESPN in 2011 Barkley said: "I played in NBA at about 250 pounds, and when I took my physical I was at 350 … So I had gained 100 pounds since I quit, and my doc said to me, 'Let me break this to you: If you keep going this way, you're going to die [young]. You're going to have a stroke or you're going to develop diabetes or you're going to have a heart attack or hypertension. But A, B or C is going to happen.'

"And I realized A, B and C were all bad. I also realized I don't want to be an old person who was always sick or taking all kinds of pills."

Here is an interview with Charles Barkley: