'Basketball Wives' Gloria Govan Wants to 'Knock Out' Shaunie O'Neal? (VIDEO)

'Basketball Wives' Gloria Govan Wants to 'Knock Out' Shaunie O'Neal? (VIDEO)

"Basketball WIves" star Gloria Govan seen here training for her new role | Gloriagovan: Facebook Fan Page

"Basketball Wives LA" star Gloria Govan recently lashed out at the Miami cast of the popular franchise and while some fans believe that the reality star may have been joking, others are convinced that her infamous feud with producer Shaunie O'Neal remains unresolved.

Govan, 27, is currently training and perfecting her combating skills for a new project with the Comedy Shaq Network called "Clean Ops" in which she plays a female assassin. When asked about how she would use her new found skills on any "Basketball Wives" cast members, the mother of two took jabs at the Miami cast.

"I think I'd use my moves on every cast member in Miami. I would wait for Evelyn. Evelyn would be last. I'd knock out Shaunie first ... I'd back hand the s--- out of Shaunie first," Govan told EUR associate Cherise Nicole in an interview at at Evolution Dance Studios in North Hollywood.

"And then … you know Royce apologized to me after the last reunion. So, I wouldn't knock her out. I'd just smack the s--- out of her. Susie I like. Jennifer just gets on my nerves … like her voice irritates me so I would try to take out her voice box," she went on.

Govan was an original cast member of "Basketball Wives" Miami but due to her ongoing feud with O'Neal, who is one of the show's producers, she left before agreeing to appear in the Los Angeles series.

During one episode, O'Neal was seen antagonizing Govan after her wedding to Matt Barnes was called off because Govan had allegedly criticized the other cast members for failing to maintain solid relationships.

O'Neal was later criticized for bullying and Govan went on to badmouth her in media interviews for allegedly lying about the show's concept.

"When we were approached by Shaunie in the very beginning, she told us both that it was going to be about positive women trying to step outside the shadows of their significant others and really try to bring a positive light to the basketball wives, because a majority of us are stereotyped as being uneducated nutcases spending all of our time shopping with thousands of nannies and very chaotic, so we were excited," Govan told Vibe magazine in April.

"I think when we saw the finished product, we were like, 'Wait a minute.' We were trying to buy coffee and someone sold us tea. This is the complete opposite of what we were told the show was going to be about," she added.

Govan now appears to be more focused on her gig in season two of the hit Vh1 reality show and when asked about what viewers can expect, she confirmed that there will be no shortage of drama.

"It's a lot of drama, a lot of character developments. You see my sister and she's lost all of her baby weight, and you see relationships growing [and] breaking up. People who have been good friends turning on each other, it's really interesting," Govan said.

"You're gonna see a whole bunch of everything...we really try to bring it we don't try to make it boring but we dont try to make it fake either," she added.

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