BlackBerry Z10 to Be Released on Verizon

The new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone will be released on Verizon.

A leaked screenshot of the device that appears to be a document taken from Verizon reveals that the carrier will be one of the first to carry RIM's new handset.

This image was leaked by a site known as Evleaks who has a solid track record of leaking accurate details and images of unreleased smartphones.

The document reveals that the device's name will be BlackBerry Z10 and that it will feature 4G LTE.

Other rumored specifications for this handset include a 4.2-inch 1280 x 768 display, an 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front camera. The device should be released sometime this year as RIM has been gearing up to unveil the new software.

The company will give the public a first look at its new BlackBerry 10 OS at its upcoming media event set to take place on Jan. 30 2013 and sent out invites to it last month.

RIM's market share has been on the decline for quite some time as companies such as Apple and Google have dominated the smartphone arena.

Samsung has been the one of the major reasons for RIM's demise as its Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 Android-powered smartphones have dominated a spot formerly reserved for RIM's BlackBerry. The toss up in most countries seems to be between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 at this point. RIM needs to release a device on par with these two if it ever hopes to gain back its prominence in the market.

Other recently leaked of BlackBerry 10 revealed that the software will feature a Siri-like function that will take voice commands to perform tasks a will function like a personal assistant.