'Breast Milk Baby' Doll Causing Controversy

A baby doll meant for children is causing some controversy because of one feature that allows for its owner to experience breastfeeding.

Breast Milk Baby, the doll created by Spain's Berjuan Toys, is reportedly meant to teach young girls how to breastfeed with the help of a halter top. According to CBS news reports, the halter top features sensors that are sewn into the nipples of the shirt which are covered by petal-like fabric.

The doll reportedly makes suckling noises when placed near the sensors. While the dolls have yet to be sold in the U.S., CBS reports that they are a hit in Europe.

Cynthia Epps, a lactation consultant, told the publication that she is not surprised that the $89 doll is being criticized in the United States.

"The controversy stems from when there was a cultural shift in the 1950s to bottle feeding as the paradigm," Epps told CBS. "At that time, breasts were also simultaneously sexualized. Suddenly breasts became sexual instead of nutritive."

After reading the story, many people took to Twitter to express their feelings about the toy. One person thought that the Breast Milk Baby could only lead to other controversial dolls.

"Give us a break. 'Breast Milk Baby doll?' Little nursing halter for little girls," the person questioned. "What's next, Vagina Baby Sandra? Oh, you PC Progressives!"

Another commenter took to the Fox television talk show "The O'Reilly Factor" to sound off on the topic.

"I think it forces girls to grow up too quickly and I think that it glamorizes the notion of having a baby," the commentator said.

However, another person took to Twitter and said they understood the concept behind the doll.

"Of course. Children love to play parents," the person tweeted.

Still, another person expressed their anger on the social networking website by tweeting, "A breast feeding baby doll? This is disgusting."