Brittany Taltos of 'Jersey Shore' Run Over: Star's Head Crushed by Truck

"Jersey Shore" star Brittany Taltos recently admitted that she feared for her life, after a tanning incident led to her head being run over by a truck.

The Floridian recalled that she was listening to music on her iPod while basking in the sun of her front yard when a pickup truck backed over her head. The truck was reportedly dropping off a grill, and had not noticed Taltos lying on the ground.

The driver, Taylor Green, did not acknowledge Taltos until he heard her screams and responded by moving the truck forward again. According to fire chiefs in an MTV report, the pressure applied to Taltos head was so intense that an imprint of her head was left on the grass where she had been lying. But miraculously, Taltos survived.

"It was very fortunate she was on softer ground where this occurred or the injuries may have been much worse if not fatal," Lt. Tracey Hidgon told reporters at MTV.

Taltos required 15 stitches on the side of her head and suffered severe bruising on one side of her face.

"I honestly thought I was going to die," Taltos said, adding that she now has a new appreciation for life.

Taltos and her sister Erica appeared on Season 4 of the "Jersey Shore," which was filmed in Italy. Both twins, who were studying abroad at the time, began dating "The Situation." Later, the girls also appeared on "The Bachelor Pad."

 Taltos received backlash on Facebook after one user questioned how the truck incident had occurred, suggesting that it had been her fault. The girl responded by further explaining the situation.

"You are a sick human being. I almost died and your [sic] researching where I was sunbathing on Google Maps. The fact that you have no bit of compassion is pathetic," she wrote back to the user. "IT WAS IN MY FRONT YARD!!!! There is no where to park where I was laying."

"If you don't know the whole story keeps your mouth shut. You are judgmental, condescending and heartless," she added.