Brock Lesnar $500 Meal: Eats 2 Meals, Shares 2 Meals and Finishes Dessert

After retiring as an Ultimate Fighter over stomach issues in 2011, it appears that Brock Lesnar has recovered his appetite at the very least.

Weighing in at nearly 300 pounds and looming over others at 6'3", Lesnar returned to the WWE last year after being retired from the organization for over nine years. Since, his stomach issues appear to have been resolved. Proof that his stomach was capable of handling a load came on Monday, when Lesnar and his wife Sable went out for dinner in New Jersey.

Located in Montclair, the couple hit up a small Italian restaurant called Fresco, where they worked up a large tab. According to TMZ, Lesnar order over $500 worth of food and ate most of it by himself. The couple ordered Ahi tuna with asparagus and Margherita pizza, which they shared. Alone, Lesnar also had chicken parmesan with "triple chicken" and a "full bowl" of parpadelle Bolognese (meat sauce with noodles), the report claimed.

Lesnar also completed his meal by finishing off a full slice of cheesecake.

Lesnar returned to the WWE last April and won his first fight, which was against John Cena. Cena beat him a week later after General Manager John Laurinaitis claimed that he signed Lesnar to become the "new face of the WWE." Following a dispute over contract terms, Lesnar then announced that he would retire. He returned once and then threatened to retire again before returning for a third time in January. Earlier this year he split his head open during a fight and was required to get 18 stitches.

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