Brooke Mueller Arrested on Cocaine and Assault Charges, Agrees to Rehab

Brooke Mueller, actress, real estate agent, and former wife of movie star Charlie Sheen, was spotted waving around a handgun Sunday in Los Angeles.

TMZ reported that the mother of two visited a gun range, although the sources available were not present to see whether she fired the pistol or not. Understandably, there was some concern that Mueller, an admitted drug addict, had access to firearms while in the vicinity of other people.

Her spokesman, Steve Honig, commented on the situation, saying that this incident, though surprising to onlookers, is a regular occurrence for the reality show actress.

“Brooke enjoys sport shooting, and has for some time,” Honig told TMZ. “She knows how to handle herself at a range and is a very careful and skilled sport shooter.”

The visit to the gun range could have been a way to relieve some warranted stress. Mueller was arrested for cocaine possession earlier this month, on Dec. 3.

A woman reported that Mueller had assaulted her, and the resulting police intervention led to her arrest. Then, police found a large amount of cocaine on her, giving them reason to charge Mueller with the intention of selling cocaine.

Authorities released a statement detailing the night.

“Mueller was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree (class one misdemeanor) and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (class four felony),” read the police department statement.

Mueller then paid her bail, set at $11,000, and was let go, pending she heed her court date, slated for Dec. 19.

According to TMZ, the actress could finally realize the seriousness of her situation. Friends convinced her to check herself in to rehab and so Mueller has agreed to seek treatment at an unidentified center in Los Angeles.

Her two sons, Bob and Max, will be watched by their father Charlie Sheen until Mueller’s return.