Butt Injection Suspect in Confrontation at 'Cristina' TV Taping (VIDEO)

A man, who reportedly injected women to enhance their physical characteristics with potentially lethal substances including super glue and rubber cement, has been attacked on a television show.


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Corey Eubanks, 40, stated that he was assaulted by the family of Shaquanda Brown during a taping of the "Cristina Show" on Telemundo last Wednesday night.

"The Browns became very disrespectful," said James Lewis, Eubanks lawyer, who held a press conference in downtown Miami last Thursday before filing the restraining order, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Lewis stated that "…the victim's mom got up and picked up a needle and a syringe and threw it with some force at my client."

Eubanks filed a temporary restraining order against the Browns following the confrontation. The terms of the restraining order state that the Browns are not to go near Eubanks, his home or his Hollywood clothing store.

Eubanks also expressed feelings that he was misled by the show producers. "They really tried to make a mockery out of me," he said. "They are just assuming that everything the defendant said is true."

Lewis explained that Eubanks found out the other guests, Brown and her family, would be present for the taping right before taping was scheduled to begin.

According to reports, Eubanks expressed concerns before the show began, but was told that there was enough security at the taping.

During the outbreak Eubanks claimed that the mother of one of the victims threw a syringe, that was there as a prop to demonstrate how the procedure occurred, at his face.

Eubanks said that the syringe "almost cost me my life. Or my eye at least."

Gabriela Novo, 35, a friend of Eubanks was next to him during the taping of the show.

"They wouldn't even give him a chance to speak…It escalated from rudeness to violence."