Castle Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 1, 2 Titles Revealed, Plot News, Cast Rumors Latest (Premiere Air Date Info, Video Preview)

Castle Season 6 has been the subject of intense rumors online over recent weeks with fans of the hit ABC series eager to find out latest rumors and news about the upcoming season and the latest spoilers concerning the show.

(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)A Castle Season 6 advertisement.

In recent spoiler news, Episode 2 has changed its title from "Better Half" to "Dreamworld," according to Spoiler TV.

Of course earlier spoilers confirmed that the Season 6 Episode 1 title will be "Valkyrie."

In other spoiler rumors, various members of the Castle cast and crew have been dropping hints about the upcoming season.

According to TV Line, rumors have suggested that a love triangle between Lanie Parish, Javier Esposito and Tori Ellis will feature in Season 6.

Esposito actor, Jon Huertas, has said that there is a Lanie-Esposito "stuff' coming up in the fall. However, Castle creator, Andrew Marlowe, has also said that Tori Ellis – another love interest for Esposito – will be returning. Those two combined hints, have led many to assume that a love triangle will ensue in Season 6 between the characters.

In other news about the series, some plotlines have been revealed, with Entertainment Weekly reporting that "Chuck" actor Joshua Gomez has signed on to guest star.

Gomez will apparently feature as "a suspect in a grisly murder who claims to have traveled back in time to stop terrible events from unfolding — events that will change the course of human history. Yes, to answer the question you're thinking, there's a chance this man is simply a deluded killer. Or maybe not…"

Gomez will reportedly enter the series in Season 6 Episode 5.

Reports have indicated that Season 6 of Castle will be a perfect mixture between serious and funny. The Season 6 premiere will probably be the most serious episode, according to reports, but things will lighten up and there should be a good mix through the season.

The Castle Season 6 premiere has been announced for Monday Sept. 23 at 10/9C on ABC.

Here is a video preview for Castle Season 6: