CeCe Winans Advises About Raising Godly Children

CeCe Winans, the 48-year-old gospel music singer, recently revealed how she raises Godly teenagers.

In a piece that she wrote for charismanews.com, Winans acknowledged that raising a generation of teenagers in today's world full of temptation and worldly messages can be challenging. However, the gospel music star outlined four things that parents and community members can do to keep teenagers on the right path.

Winans called for parents and members in the church community to talk to children, pray over them, set rules and encourage them. The gospel music singer outlined practical ways to put each step into practice while giving examples about how she does each one with her own children.

"Don't be afraid to approach them about every aspect of their day. If you sense something is wrong, ask questions-lots of them," Winans wrote on charismanews.com about talking to children. "My children know I plan to 'stay in their business.' I make sure they understand that it's my love for them that compels me to be involved."

The singer gave a scriptural reference and example about why praying for children is important.

"James 5:16 tells us, 'The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.' I have no doubt their earnest prayers played a powerful role in my life," Winans revealed. "Today, I find myself doing the same thing on behalf of my family....it's one of the most valuable gifts I can ever give my children."

Winans went on to explain why setting rules for children is important.

"Help them guard their eyes, ears and hearts from influences that will negatively affect their spirits. This takes effort and consistency, but it's extremely important," Winans wrote. "At the same time, allow them to enjoy acceptable entertainment that's fun and exciting...encourage their creative, athletic and musical abilities."

The gospel singer spoke about encouraging children in the lord.

"Remind young people that each time they stand up for what's right in the eyes of the Lord, they gain strength," Winans wrote on charismanews.com. "The more strength they gain, the better leaders they will become. Eventually, they'll be the ones influencing others to make godly choices."