'Celebrity Wife Swap': Roddy Piper, Ric Flair Switch Spouses

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legends "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Ric Flair exchanged spouses on the latest episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap." The men are known for going head-to-head in the ring but showed their softer, semi-retired lives on ABC.

Ric has been married four times and now lives with his girlfriend and her four children. He has a rather extravagant lifestyle that includes a staff to run the household and take care of his wife's every need.

"Living with Ric is an adventure every day. He lives like he's 21 years old," Wendy told the cameras.

Roddy and wife Kitty just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary; they reside in a reclusive home on top of a mountain. He enjoys the anonymity and is frugal whenever possible. They live with their son and daughter as well as their son's fiancée.

"Being around family is the thing I cherish the most. The celebrity thing doesn't figure into our lifestyle at all … it's just a way to make money," Roddy said.

The two families could not be more different, setting a course for an epic clash and experience for the both of them -- much as if their own spouses clashed while in the wrestling ring.

While Wendy was quickly put to work in new ways, Kitty had to get used to the life of luxury. It was obvious that the two women were uncomfortable in their new surroundings but were eager to implement their own changes.

Kitty actually met up with Ric's first wife, whom she has remained close to even after their divorce. The women compared notes on Ric's lifestyle and admitted that they were both concerned about his spending habits and overactive lifestyle.

When it came to the rule swap, the families were stunned. Wendy ordered Roddy to take his wife out to the most expensive restaurant in town and hire a house staff, while Kitty grounded Ric for the day except to go to the grocery store incognito to learn how to value shop.

"Shopping's not cool," Roddy grumbled.

"If I have to spend the day at home, I'll do it, but I won't like it," Ric said.

By the end of the show, the men had a brand-new appreciation for their significant others as well as their own lifestyle choices. And for the first time, everyone got to see how deep the two men's friendship is.

"I'm worried about you," Roddy told Ric once they finally met. "You need to slow down just a little bit. I love ya, and I'm a little scared for ya."

"I got bogged down, hiding in my cave," Roddy admitted. "It's time to start living."